The Tiny yet Mighty RISC-V Platform and Configuration Tools for FPGAs!



The small but powerful Terasic T-Core is a highly flexible platform and configuration tool for FPGAs powered by the largest Intel ® MAX ®10 FPGA. The board itself takes advantage of the 50K Logic Elements to achieve lowest system cost, efficiency, and adaptability both as a dev. kit and as a production ready module. Also, equipped with an on-board USB Blaster and JTAG Master, T-Core provides the most cost-effective configuration solution: Developers can load FPGA bit stream to the on-board MAX 10 or other FPGA boards during prototyping and production period.

As a RISC-V starter kit, T-Core fully supports RISC-V CPU. With the Terasic-optimized RISC-V BSP and on-board USB Blaster, developers can easily get started and enjoy the significant flexibility when developing their RISC-V based applications.



Target Application RISC-V Resources

  Embedded Computing
  Drive/Motion Control
  Test and Measurement

Provide Terasic-optimized RISC-V Freedom E300 Core BSP. The BSP includes:
  Quartus Projects



Board Feature

  Interconnect bridge between FPGA
and Host
  Support various configuration mode


Block Diagram



Major Specs and Interfaces


  MAX 10 10M50DAF484C7G FPGA for 50K LEs
On-board USB-Blaster II for programming MAX10
  Support RISC-V programming and software binary code storing via on-board USB-Blaster II circuit
  JTAG Master for programming on other FPGA Boards.
  One 2x6 TMD expansion header and one 1x10 ADC header





Power and Thermals
  Power from the 5V USB connector
  Dimensions: 47X67.4 mm



(Currency: USD)

Price: $85




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